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the difference: "as above, so below"

production cannabis methods call for static temps & barometric pressures, lifeless soil & light that only changes from off to on. This isn't how cannabis has grown for millions of years. So what's the difference?

Thousands of years ago someone smart wrote that all things and all motions adhere to a basic law, "as above, so below". What goes up, comes down, and without down, there is no up. Motion in all things is somehow essential.

A so called organic hydroponic grown strawberry produced in a static environment, will pale in comparison to that organic soil grown strawberry from your grandmother's garden where everything- soil, air, temperature, sun, water -

is continually variable.

Temperature and barometric pressure changes alter terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Light spectrums and intensities effect plant and flower structure, terpene content and effects. These variations are expected by the cannabis plant, based on genetic knowledge accumulated starting on the Tibetan Plateau 28 million years ago.

28 million years is a lot longer than the few decades legal cannabis production has existed. Although Canna genetics may have begun adapting to on/off lights in narrow spectrums, cocoa fiber soil without microbial life, and nutrients the equivalent of an I.V. to an organic meal... these environmental parameters are certainly not expected... after 28 million years of experience suggesting something very different.

The canna plant's genetics may be wondering when this will all change again- its only been a short blip of a second in its long life on this planet, that this whole human indoor production thing has been happening.

S.K.M.S. has demonstrated that a profound difference in effect, or cannabinoid profiles, can be achieved by pursuing the environmental variations and conditions which the cannabis plant expects throughout its life cycle. These environmental cues can be the key to achieving effects which often are missing in production cannabis, and are more genuine to their landrace roots, and the effects experienced and expected by smokers from an older time.

We hope you get a chance to appreciate it! You will remember that strawberry from your grandma's garden long after you've had many store bought ones!

Thanks for the years of amazing landrace flower support, and appreciation for the S.K.M.S. pursuit of greater growing techniques. We do it for us too, but we couldn't do it without you!

S.K.M.S. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 24th, 2023

(207) 671-8387


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