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the savings ops.

Cause We Get It, Savings Really Help. Check out the major savings providing hours of relief at less than the cost of a stamped envelope or 15 minutes parking in most cities. Be Well!


Buy 2 Get 1 Free


Select any Formulas that help- better sleep and daytime pain relief? Anxiety Relief and Energy? That and a lot more available.


For a dollar a capsule.


The Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Same deal- wicked cool savings, Buy a 60 Count, any Formula, and select a 24 Count for FREE!


3 Sleep Chocolate Bars Get 1 Free!

The Awesome SKMS Sleep Chocolates In 24 Piece Bars .. finally, by repeated requests for years! 2-4 Pieces an hour or two before bed for a endocannabinoid system fueled better night's sleep!


3 Week Sleep Savings Special

Zero Processed Recharge Sleep Capsules and 3 Cartons of SKMS Sleep Chocolates, the double duo good nights sleep combo!


Buy 4 Bottles Save 10% K9 Relief!

Order 1 for $11 or 4 for $40! Getting performance reviews better than the CherryWine Capsules they were modeled after, these K9 Chews are real bacon flavored and give real mammal endocannabinoid relief without the side effects and health risks of most veterinary prescribed pain meds.


The Original Chronic Illness Relief Package, Combine & Save


a 30% Savings for our chronic illness and cancer journeys, heal yourself safely! Sleep is the best sign of improvement potential, try to get at least 12 hours in every 24, 16 is even better. As always SKMS expert staff provide dosage support and expert consultation upon request.


SKMS Staff

Portland Maine

March 19th, 2024


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