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Maine medical program for

affording the immense case experience SKMS gained during

its years of development, 

and to all those

who contribute to SKMS

and to our many clients and stores 

for their years of support.

We are immensely grateful and humbled

by the success of your health journeys.

Always consult a doctor, especially before combining any medications. There are known interactions between certain pharmaceuticals and canna medicine.

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"We've found the that the Pink and Clear powdered wholeplant CBD strain capsules have amazing relief for Chron's disease/IBS. Literally stopped stomach attacks. Amazing stuff."  - Portland ME

"I thought (out of all the caregivers I know) that SKMS would be the one to reach out to. [our family member] has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma."

Cannabis Supply business owner

"I'm going to walk again.  The doctor is speechless. And I'm completely clear of opiates.  I wasn't myself. I was never supposed to leave this chair. Purple pills and never stopped believing. The doc is literally dumbfounded. I'm going to physical therapy, they have me squeezing a ball between my knees, I can lift my legs and turn my feet. Its amazing. Purple pills and never give up, I've always been thankful and determined I was going to walk again."

Central Maine

"Prostate Cancer PSA levels significantly lower than after healthcare's previous remission statement, all tumor masses gone in scans, oncology signed off, not amused, but they signed off" 

Hartford, Connecticut

"P(E)T Scan came back clear of cancer"

Burlington, Vermont

"I'm not sure what I would do without SKMS Cherry wine gelcaps, of all the Pharma I've been prescribed and Canna seizure meds I have tried, they are not only the only ones that worked, first medicine have ever had that provides a consistent result"

Concord, New Hampshire

"best sleep/pain relief ever from any canna or pharma product"

Poland, Maine

"Hope you all know how lucky you are to have these RSO meds, in Seattle we can't even get real whole plant meds any more without being on a wait list, and no one has quality or consistency like this, let alone a variety of formulas for different applications, let alone made from landraces. Keep it up, this stuffs a godsend"

Seattle, Washington

"You guys are doing such a bang up job. Love what you do and customer service help & advice is way above the competition.  thanks for everything"

Poland, Maine


"Thank you so much for the gift chocolate, OMG I had the best night's sleep in forever!!'

Yarmouth,  Maine

"Need a re-up on the Sativa Caps.  We had a girl stop in yesterday, said she'd buy everything we have she likes those so much."

Maine Medical cannabis store 

"Thank you so much. The last few days since finding your meds has been amazing.  Haven't felt this good in years. I'm alive again."

Biddeford, Maine

"one of your referrals just called, amazed that both husband and wife are sleeping 8 hours a night, apparently has happened in decades"

Auburn, Maine


"I just had major plastic surgery, skin removal from weight loss. With your chocolates have managed to not touch painkillers. Thank you so much!!"

Portland, Maine

"SKMS capsules are the only edible medicine I've ever liked.  I mean ever."

Boston, Massachusetts

"I love the purple capsules! I have chronic pain and they're far more effective than opiates for me. Thank you."

Kittery, Maine

I smoked daily until I was wheeled into the delivery room. The alternative was lots of heavy sedatives like barbiturates to manage seizures that started after pregnancy.  I was smoking a joint as I was wheeled thru the hospital doors.  In October of 2015 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 8 pounds 11ozs (I am 127 pounds normally) and 19 inches long. The doctor congratulated me on quitting smoking as my daughter tested absolutely clean for marijuana, and said 'see! we told you'.  I informed 'I never stopped, check the security cameras', and he left the room.  My daughter was born three days past her due date and was home with a healthy mom within 24 hours. Do what's safe and get more information...hope this help, here's a pic of my gorgeous girl"

Lewiston, Maine

THANK YOU!!!!! you guys are f'n brilliant.  Pain cut by 75% and allowing her to sleep thru out the night while taking your purple pill.  Again, thank you"

New Gloucester, Maine

"Wanted to give you guys some feedback on the purple caps.  I bought some recently to see if I could find relief for PMS symptoms like migraine and back pain. Not only do they eliminate both issues they also knocked back some epic menstrual cramps. They have been a true life saver! Thank you!!! I don't know what I would do without my caps!!!"

Portland, Maine

"Tried your sleep chocolates for the first time last night and I think I finally found something that will keep me sleeping"

Portland, Maine

"I ran into my cousin today. She's up for the holiday. When she saw me she began to cry. Tears of thankfulness, because of you guys!The medicine and the way you've taken care of her are stellar! I cannot say thank you enough, nor can she!"

Sebago, Maine


These landrace Sativa caps are absolutely amazing!!  Will absolutely purchase every time!!"

Portland, Maine


"I recently purchased your severe pain RSO capsules. I have fybromyalgia and arthritis from broken bones that I got from a car accident and these have helped me so much. I still work 60 hours a week so its hard to stay pain free with so many health issues. Thank you so much for your hard work!!"

South Portland, Maine

"Life changing medicine.  You guys probably hear it all week, but I can't say it enough"

Portland, Maine

I'm not sure if I told you but my last EEG reading that was a 24-hour cap was the best one yet, and that was after going off of the prescription medications that they had me on for somehwhere around 3 years"

Boothbay, Maine

"Thanks for being such a quality support system with all of this seizure stuff"   

Woolwich, epilepsy client

"It was skin cancer..it is gone now. I am a true believer. If people ask me if it works I say simply amazing. Cannot thank you enough, thanks again" 

Windham, Maine

"He's managing what we expect to be the last couple weeks.. amazingly. Reports no pain, has an appetite.  Turns down suboxone daily. Asks to go out and do stuff.  Docs are amazed he's not on a morphine drip"  

Brunswick, Maine

"Masectomy cancelled.  Lumpectomy instead"  

Jefferson, Maine

"They aren't kiddin' that the VA gives you a second chance to kick the bucket for country.  Massive Opiate addiction gone, pain management working much better.  Able to work, feel sharp. Doing much better, thanks again."

Sabattus, Maine

"multiple personality disorder..is um..gone.  Docs said no symptoms for months, come back in 6" 

Lewiston, Maine

"My post surgery pain was a breeze! RSO really works!!!!!" 

Damariscotta, Maine


Litchfield, Maine

"You guys F#%& rock....thank you thank you"

Raymond, Maine (combat PTSD)


"Done with the Cymbalta poison. Thank you so much for helping me"

Lewiston, Maine

"No seizures so far, month three"  

Topsham, seizure client 

"One of our patients was just here, has leukemia, tried some of the capsules, says its the only canna that has worked for the vomiting, can she call?"  

Portland, Maine

"I am in love with the SKMS edibles. Wow."  

Greene, Maine

"Thanks for maintaining some great strains, some really unique and useful ones too, wow, thanks"  

Biddeford, Maine (combat PTSD, severe insomnia)

"Cancer in remission.  Come back in three months for check up. First 9 chemo rounds apparently made it worse. 60 days of you guys made it go away. Dunno. thanks its amazing." 

Turner, Maine

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