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What makes Quality Rick Simpson Oil? 
will higher quality RSO work better?
and what is that?

Your Questions Answered.




Purity of medicine is paramount, in terms of both potential harm and healing. Organic living soil free of manufactured fertilizers, HEPA filtration, Air Sterilization, Organic Ingredients along with rigorous processing protocols all contribute to a medicine free of any absorbed or added toxin potential, but a pursuit of 'Medicine Purity' extends much deeper where it impacts production methods, medicine performance and healing potentials.                      


The potential of capturing man made compounds harmful to healing in RSO production is very real. Environmental toxins in soil and air may potentially be absorbed readily by the cannabis plant and then concentrated.

The potential of healing much faster, quicker remission times, less chronic illness symptoms etc., with medicine of greater Purity, is very real. Patient outcomes and positive results have lead our pursuit of Purity from the beginning.


Ultimately, a Medicine's Performance is what counts, but a lot more goes into a Medicine's Effectiveness than just growing some cannabis and reducing its flowers into Rick Simpson Oil.


Speed and quality of healing -we have learned with countless Cancer, Severe Pain Management and Seizure management Patients over many years- depends on Performance, which in turn depends on Purity of ingredients, Consistency of all production processes and Absorption.

When absorption, cannabinoid profiles, or concentrations vary, often due to a production facility using whatever cannabis is being harvested at the time, different every time, or variations in growing, curing, processing or production or even packaging methods, patients have challenges managing dosage and medicine loses consistent effectiveness. This can translate to lost time to or failed remissions, or continual difficulty managing symptoms predictably.

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Consistency of Performance and Absorption determine an RSO product's usefulness and Healing potentials.

Selecting strains, growing, harvesting, curing and processing each of them specifically for established recipes, consistently using the same protocols from soil to final product, from planting seeds to storage and delivery, yields consistent real whole plant cannabinoid profiles and far more consistently performing medicine.


This translates to easier dosage management, more pain relief, quicker healing times, higher percentage of seizure reductions, consistent mental health symptom relief and sleep assistance that works night after night.

If a medicine contains any variations in its production history from one batch to the next, or one capsule to another it's less useful as a symptom management tool, and a less effective assistant in combatting serious illness.


Raw Rick Simpson Oil, resembling molasses, is difficult for the body to absorb. Studies show most digestive linings are lucky to absorb 25% and generally significantly less of other raw concentrates or isolates. 


It is not uncommon for 20mg of processed highly absorbable RSO taken daily to achieve symptom relief or even major healing, while twice as much isolate product goes unnoticed, and twice as much RSO has half the effect.  Absorption is also everything.

We believe consistency of cannabinoid profile, which is only achievable by sourcing from the same genetics (or same strains) grown and processed consistently per the Israeli cannabis isolate research, plays a role in the body's digestive lining and enteric nervous system absorption and processing, that the body is more likely to absorb cannabinoid profiles it recognizes as healing.

Processing of raw RSO by the SKMS Kitchen into its final powdered encapsulated form provides a tremendous boost in absorption, and thereby in performance, dosage consistency and improved relief or healing times. These methods reflect the literal millions of capsules produced by SKMS and consumed by SKMS clients, their years of weekly feedback, and an endless pursuit of improved performance and patient outcomes.

While nanoparticulation has been brought to both the culinary and cannabis industries, we are firm believers in maintaining natural molecular scales and maintaining in tact whole plant medicine cannabinoid-terpene chains which the body can both recognize and utilize. Organic Sunflower powder and proprietary processing methods are used to make RSO particulates in SKMS capsules both uniform in size, and thereby uniform in surface area and absorption potential, and more enabled to cross the digestive lining.

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