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LEGENDS of Landraces

Seeking a Legendary Experience, some ancient neural pathway perspectives or just tired of being confused by the names of the equally confusing hybrids of the day? Wanna find out what made all this famous to begin with? Look no further... available for order or reservation.

We've got some special and legendary strains up out of a long Cure for you. These were grown from seeds collected directly from native sources, in living soil, here in Maine, using no bottled nutrients, just light, filtered water, soil microbes and soil nutrients.

You can find some legendary & rare strains from Nepal, Mexico, Thailand, East, West & South Africa available for order or reservation, by the gram ($9) or half or 1g prerolls ($6 and $10), delivered no charge.

For more on what Landrace Strains are and why they are the origin of all modern Cannabis, more consistent performing, and often more dynamic effecting strains you can learn all about it at our post on "what is a landrace strain?" at this link:

Landrace strains and original genetics have been a passion of a few members of SKMS for long time, and are rooted in an introductions to them that relieved difficult symptoms and a local Maine coastal history connected to them. There is a deep appreciation for their genetic vitality and unique effects, which often translates to difficulty to grow for medicinal production, despite being in our experience, far more effective, and most importantly, providing predictable results.

We have some special ones up for you, without further delay.

A legend from a legendary cannabis growing culture:

A very special fragrant African highland Sativa. Super psyched to have this rare find in our menu. Relaxing and energizing with clarity, very African landrace in our experience. An awesome one.

The one and only legend. If you aren't familiar, hit up google.

A very special and rare highland Nepalese Sativa with an uplifting energy. Won't likely find elsewhere any time. Imported by Ben Holmes of Centennial Seeds originally over a decade ago now.

Sourced directly from Nepal and Tibet in 1996, one of our longest running and continually popular strains, often sold out before being listed on the menu.

Tested as the highest percentage Durban ever, well into the double digit majority, when most so called Durban strains barely break two digits of genetic percentage. It is a special one and very difficult to grow with modern methods.

Our own F8 ancient reuniting of Silk Road Strains, Durban from South Africa and Himalayan from the Gates of Nepal near the other end of the Silk Road. Durban's influence is far and wide, and this is one fans wouldn't let us drop.

All available by delivery, no delivery charge.

$9 per gram

$6 for 1/2 gram prerolls

$10 for 1 gram prerolls

maximum purchase per OMP regulations 2.5 oz.

Current MJ Card & ID required

Deliveries M-F in Maine

call or text (207) 671-8387


send questions any time

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

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