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What is a Landrace Cannabis Strain?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

All modern Cannabis strains are descended from them.. but they still exist. Landrace strains are strains native to geographic areas around the world, tend to have less diluted DNA and distinct predictable effects. They were cultivated by the same peoples for many hundreds if not thousands of years in their native geography. The people and the land impart unique characteristics.

There are many famous Landrace strains that gained their notoriety during the height of smuggling days, such as Malawi Gold, Columbian Gold, Afghani Kush, Pakistani and Silk Road strains.

It is thought that almost all landrace strains originated or travelled the ancient silk road, a two pronged navigation route, stretching from South Africa's Drakensberg Mountains home of the famous Durban strain, all the way across the Himalaya and the famous cannabis "Gates of Nepal' to the Chinese High Steppes, a likely source of Canna and Hemps crossbred cousin, Ruderalis, a short stubby and hardy high altitude version of cannabis.

SKMS originally settled on using almost entirely Landrace Strains for our medicinal work for their consistency of performance. There simply was not a single modern strain that could provide any specific symptom relief more consistently than landrace strains. Sleep, Anxiety, Pain relief, PTSD Symptoms, all predictably managed across a wide variety of people with the same matching landrace strains.

We've been proud to share some very rare strains from a few continents for many years, and look forward to assisting your health pursuits or connoisseur appreciation of rare cannabis.

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