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katmanglue from Tibet

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

one of the original and ever popular SKMS strains brought back from a Nepal Trek in '96

Fresh out of cure and ready for order: limited Katmanglue Top Colas and fair amount of fresh cured Flower, delivered $9 gram, no delivery fees

A longtime favorite for anxiety, seizure and migraine prevention, Katmanglue is a favorite of many and usually sold before cured and officially available. We grew extra of some of our staple strains this time to reach new people. Maybe it's you!

Some very special Buddhist Medicine from ancient Nepal. Katmanglue is all about the neural pathways:

change the mind and heal the body.

We've always been super psyched to be able to source these rare strains and grow them in such a magnificent fashion respectful of their potentials and share them with so many. It's all

amazing and we're very thankful for it.

We've heard some awesome stories from folks using this strain regularly over the years. It has the Buddhist magic. From seizures stopped to major life changes, it's amazing what perspective can do.

You can text, call or email for delivery M-F. Minimum orders of $30 inside greater Portland, $50 outside Cumberland County. Delivery available between Bethel and Kittery, NH border and the coast.

Send questions any time.

Glad to have brought so much magic to so many over the years!

RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014


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