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current flower pics acapulco gold, malawi, thai, tibet & nepal

10 years in and it just keeps getting better. Some very special and rare Landrace flower strains available by delivery only. Reservations accepted, and stay tuned for the upcoming crop. Deliveries M-F between Kittery and Bethel, New Hampshire border to the coast.

The Eastern Silk Road and Gates of Nepal strain passion continues! These have been some of our favorite strains for many years, but more importantly, they've proven themselves to be life changing medicine over and over for so many.

For years our Katmanglue Himalayan strain, brought to Maine in '96 from a Trek, has been sold out to manage anxiety, PTSD symptoms and seizures. An awesome testimony from a young mother who started getting seizures in pregnancy can be found on the StrainKeeper Facebook page a few years back. Edibles did not work for her with morning sickness. She was spotted flicking a roach on security cams as she was rolled under the ER doors to give birth, and a few hours later her healthy baby girl tested 100% clean of cannabinoids.

Fresh out of cure from Gates of Nepal region of the ancient Silk Road cannabis trail- Katmanglue from high in the Himalaya on the Tibet border and Milche Nepal from the Bagmati Region of central Nepal. Milche is close to our own New England White Mountains in elevation, still has that amazing mountain characteristic, but is full of an energy not found in higher elevations strains, more characteristic of the big Indian plains sativa types.

Milche seeds came to us thru a friend of Ben Holmes of Centennial Seeds, the first fellow to ever patent a cannabis strain, with the explicit instructions in the patent: free to use for all, except big pharma. Milche's origin called it the 'happy plant' and we agree.

Katmanglue was brought this way years ago from the slopes of the mighty Himalaya, near the end of the Silk Road and its gates to China, and is notorious for feedback that sounds like a 'bring the whole family" Hollywood classic. "I laughed, then I cried, then I realized everything was fine, I had been fine all along, and it was going to be ok".

We've probably heard those near exact testimony words hundreds of times from as many people. Bred for thousands of years by a Buddhist culture in a harsh environment, its neural pathway tendencies seem fitting to its testimonies.

From halfway around the world we also bring you a couple of those 1960s Legendary Cannabis strains, the strains that got the western world's hippy traveler's attention. A couple big names are back: Acapulco Gold from Mexico, and Malawi Gold from Africa. Both are very unique effects. Malawi known for an odd combo of cannabinoids, providing a pain relief some find nowhere else, sometimes attributed to THCv, but we like to note how often science grasps at singular answers and later revises its stories.

Acapulco Gold is by far one of the most unique effect strains we've come across in many years. A very uplifting, not nervous, positive energy to this one. Something we hope to grow more of. Once shipped in bails by the boat and truckload to the U.S., now near impossible to find. We see what the fuss was about, another not to be missed.

Few other special landrace and landrace crosses up out of cure. A highland Thai strain, with a long slow unwinding energy that tends to turn into a relaxing and welcome snooze for the stressed. And our back by endless popular demand accidental hybrid that we kept going for years, Buddha Cookies. This is a cross of our Himalayan and the Durban we pulled out of Gold Crown Seeds.

The Himalayan will typically only cross with itself, but it liked the Durban, which lead us to suspect they may be, and would have to be, long lost cousins. The Himalayan, is likely Durban brought East on the Silk Road from Africa, crossed with China high Steppes Ruderalis-root heavy CBD type calming cannabinoids, for thousands of years, selected for medicinal performance by a culture focused on grounded truth and calmness.

Back as well, and we don't do it that often, the real Durban we got from a Gold Crown Seeds batch, tested by a Dutch genetics house as far more Durban than any found before. It is not GSC or Durban Poison. It is Durban. A soaring, uplifting clarity of energy, no sleepy about it.

Deliveries Monday thru Friday. You can always text us with questions (number below), to order or to reserve for an upcoming delivery. We're so thankful to have been able to share these amazing experiences these rare plants bring with so many for so many years!

And remember, if you find yourself smoking all the time, there's probably a reason. And if we change how we think, we change how we live, how we feel, and then how our body feels and how healthy we are. Its a real thing. It really is all about the neural pathways. So consider that when you reach for that preroll, pack that bowl or go to spin one up!!

Wanna know what's coming up?

We're taking reservations now on a awesome batch of Jamaican Thai, first up from the new crop, currently drying.

Best wishes on your health journey!!

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

Co cell: (207) 671 8387

91 Auburn St. Suite J 1154 Portland Maine 04103

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