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a special offer

wondering where the actual spark went that made this plant famous?

ready for more than a sleepy mind or unintended midday nap?

the 7 for 60 Special

brighten up your world, we dare ya : )

check out some of the options below, or check out the flower menus

at the link below.

No extra charges, no delivery costs.

7 single Amazing Grams for $60.


Get 7 Individual RARE epically individual LANDRACE strains, collected from around the world, delivered, no extra cost, no delivery fees.

Here's just a few of the of very special names

and new strains available:

Karachi Kush

from the mountains northwest of Karachi,

grown by native farmers there for generations around 7000',

received in 2019 directly from Karachi.

A very calming, anxiety relieving sativa-looking but not energetic effect.


also from the Karakorum Mountain range, and similarly amazing calming while not sleepy. A flavorful example of the Silk Road Dynamics for sure. Though grown there for many generations, there are hints of other ancient aromas in it from far away traveler's seed donations over the centuries likely.


from southwest Africa, an impressive pain reliever and PTSD symptom reliever, not a sleepy one, but it will calm the nerves for most. An amazing aroma and flavor, spicy.

Highland Thai

Another amazing southeast Asian strain, from the highlands of Thai jungle mountains. Not sleepy, but very nerve calming.

Pakistani Rose

Smells like Rosa Rugosa by the Maine seaside and is equally if not more calming. A very special find among the Pakistan seeds received in 2019.

Milche Nepal

Wow. We haven't run this one in a while. One of the wildest looking landrace strains, at times doesn't even resemble cannabis, but has the nickname the 'happy strain' here. Its hard to have a bad attitude with the Milche Nepal, and life usually looks brighter. From the highlands of Nepal, near the Himalayan Mountains.

Nepalese Watermelon

Another one we haven't run in a while, and should more often. An incredibly energetic Nepali Sativa with quite the flavor. Also from the highlands of Nepal, but closer to the other end of the country. Brought to the U.S. care of Ben Holmes at Centennial Seeds, obtained in 2017.


Blueberry Nepal



West African Sativa



Acapulco Gold

Check out a whole lot more at the link below!

And if you would like

7 different single Grams of different Landraces

Delivered for 60 dollars

just send us a message.

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Help spread the wonder of the landraces!

thanks for all the support for all these years!

SKMS Staff, Portland ME since 2014

March 13, 2023

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