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Grown in organic living soil, unless noted otherwise indoors in HEPA and Charcoal filtered air, utilizing multi spectrum light, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity recipes,

without bottled or synthetic nutrients.

We believe environment, energies and frequencies, all the cues received in wild grown cannabis, directly influence the outcome

of cannabinoid profiles and effects, in deeply complex ways.

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flower LIST


Pakistani Snow Kush

PakLandrace Exchange Seeds

Wow, just wow. From around 7500 Meters in the Pakistani Mountains north of Karachi, seeds harvested outdoors in the fall of 2020 and started indoors in Maine this winter. An absolutely amazing sleep strain- two hits night night for most. Will stop the most severe PTSD symptoms for most.  Available by delivery and in prerolls at select stores.  Just an amazing first indoor run ever of a true ancient landrace strain.


Pakistani Karachi Kush

Subcool Seeds genetics

Another one with some awesome terpenes. From around 7500 Meters in the Pakistani Mountains north of Karachi, seeds harvested outdoors in the fall of 2020 and started indoors in Maine this winter. An absolutely amazing severe anxiety relief strain.  Available by delivery and in prerolls at select stores.  Just an amazing first indoor run ever of a true ancient landrace strain.


Snow Cone 

707 Seedbank 

Snow Cone is a hybrid of Snowman and Chemdawg from 707 Seedbank, typically described as a comfortable uplifting daytime strain. A popular one.


Pakistani Sativa 2020


Seeds fresh from Pakistan via Paklandrace Exchange, from the same soil they'd grown in for centuries.  This is an amazing anxiety med for most, gives new perspective and a big pressure drop.

A true ancient landrace sativa.


Possum Lodge

IN STOCK  10.04.21

Fresh out of cure and looking absolutely beautiful, we like the mild sedative PTSD symptom  and pain relieving effects of this one that isn't too sleepy by day for most.  Probably a one off, get it while its here.



Sold Out

From DNA Genetics Seeds, we couldn't resist this one, and it came out simply gorgeous.  A big Landrace Sativa at part of its roots, this is Chocolate Thai crossed with Cannalope. A similarly mellow daytime go with the flow effect for most.


Pineapple Express
BACK IN STOCK  10.04.21

Old School Revival Seeds


The legendary 2000s strain itself, from our big mountain indica room, this one is full of terpenes and actually does remind one of pineapples on exhale. A great daytime symptom reliever traditionally, with a full bodied effect.  Likely of South American genetics roots originally, likely deposited there by the Polynesians many eons ago. Reportedly originated at G13 Labs as a cross of Hawaiian and Trainwreck.


Buddha Cookie
IN STOCK 09.27.21

SKMS Seeds x Gold Crown Seeds


This is a unique phenotype found in seeds from a cross of our '96 Nepal Himalayan indica and Gold Crown's Durban, which generated very tight, dense, resin rich, heavy scented flowers, reminiscent of cookies strains.  We love it. It's a super calming grounding clarity for most.


Cotton Candy Kush
IN STOCK 10.04.21

Delicious Seeds

Allegedly a cross of  Lavender and Power Plant strains. Definitely a bold flavored strain with traditional but very smooth and relaxing Kush type affects. Sometimes testing in the realm of 17% THC 1% CBD.


IN STOCK 10.06.21

Downeast Seeds

It's been a favorite and we've kept it around.  Still some left, but being replaced by others soon- only so much space at a time. One of our own, a hearty grounding indica with nice dense flower structure and a fruity aroma, its a good pain and PTSD manager for clients, mildly uplifting by day.


IN STOCK 08.11.21

Downeast genetics

beautiful flower structure hybrid, trichome rich.  Great day time pain relief. Popular with abdominal pains. 


FOTIA Cough Killa
IN STOCK 10.04.21


Indica dominant but fairly uplifting, probably because we grew it with landrace sativas, has a fluffier large bud Sativa flower structure, descendant of Fire OG.


OUT OF STOCK more growing 09.27.21

Centennial Seeds

Waipi-O Hapa, from the valley of the same name, Landrace Pacific genetics, about as close to Maui Wowie as you'll find stateside these days, crossed with Haze.  A favorite from some of SKMS first runs, we're keeping it going. The smooth positive energy seems to be good medicine in these times.


Drakensberg Himalayan
IN STOCK 09.27.21

SKMS Himalayan Indica

x Gold Crown Durban

It just keeps getting better. Perhaps some soil amendments made to our living soil beds, or alterations to air pressure and temperature cycles, but this run is sticky and far terpy-ier than its predecessor. Also run from seed, this is our F5 hybridization, likely a back cross, of Himalayan Indica and Gold Crown's Blue Durban, from which we pulled the predictably homogeneous very prone to hermi'ing, Durban (Himalayan, or ancient Silk Road Kingdom of Nepal genetics likely originated at least in part from the breeding of Chinese Ruderalis and Durban 5000 years ago). Some very special medicine, grounding, clear, calming with excellent anxiety and pain relief potentials.  Main batch just out of cure 11.17.20 available for delivery. Probably won't make it to any stores.  

Gyaltso, the name we gave to this evolving strain, translates literally as 'ocean' or 'victorious lake', and is a common Tibetan name referring not just to a body of water, but to the ocean of wisdom that can support our journey in life and our connection, or disconnection, from all that is.

A powerful grounding, reconnecting, peaceful medicine, full of vision, as one would expect from ancient Hermetic Egypt and the Buddhist slopes of the Himalayan mountains.


IN STOCK  10.04.21 

Centennial Seeds

Lost seed strains from Nepal.. this one is simply wonderful.  If you are looking for happy uplifting motivation, here you go. A true highland Himalayan Sativa with that calm grounding positive energy of the Nepali people.  Some beautiful flowers. We're super psyched to have snagged these seeds when they were around a few years ago. 


Cherry Wine
IN STOCK 10.04.21

Greenpoint Seeds


Our favorite CBD Strain to date. Exceptional perfomance on siezures compared to many other  CBD strains we've grown, including Harlequin, Otto, Otto II, Charlotte's Web and AC/DC.  Must be the sweet cherry terpenes.  Nice dense flower structure.  Also available in wholeplant gelcaps and chocolates.


MooseValley 1
IN STOCK 10.04.21

Independently Sourced 


We don't source outside our grow but we couldn't resist bringing this one to you. Beautiful trichomed purple green buds, grown outdoors in northern Maine land that's been in organic soil protection for years.

ANND it tested below fed limit for THC content.  Its a special one.


OUT OF STOCK  09.07.21

SKMS  Seeds x SKMS Seeds x Bungludetch


One of our original isolated Nepali seed gift phenotypes, crossed with Bungludetch's Great White Hype, a CBD rich strain.  This is a very popular daytime solution, providing relief from symptoms of anxiety and medium level pain with an uplifting mental clarity, and has been a favorite of many folks, for many years. Wonderful aroma and nice medium density flower structure.

Flower - Kandahar Drakensberg(8 of 8).jpg

Drakensberg Kandahar

SKMS Seeds '96 Nepal x Gold Crown Durban

By far a leading choice in this camp. Wow, truly a special one.. smooth, full of that grounding vision and clear headed productivity. One of the favorite genetics we've ever run.  It's a daytime 'get it done' kinda thing, and the world just seems smoother with the DK on board. Another of the silk road back crosses.  Durban wrestled from Gold Crown's limited release hybrid, paired with some beautiful high altitude landrace mountain sativa genetics from the Kandahar region of Afghanistan. From two mountain ranges a continent apart, connected by history.


Sold Out 09.07.21

SKMS Seeds

This may be one of the best batches yet of the MotherKatmanglue genetics. From the original Nepali genes that started it all.  A pheno isolated from Katmanglue seeds which lacks the stiff trichome soaked wild look of the Katmanglue flowers.  Instead has a slightly fluffier softer structure, and a unique effect, equally subtle and potent. Like the parent genetics MotherKat is very effective for most seeking relief from migraines, panic attacks or anxiety, even severe cases of ADHD and OCD, and can effect a profound and real sense of clarity at higher doses.


Sold Out 09.27.21

SKMS Seeds almost never makes it to storage.

It came from a Nepal Trek near the China border in the Himalayas in the mid '90s. Unlikely you've had anything like it.  First noticed it stopped migraines with folks who said nothing, including any cannabis strain, ever had any effect.  Since then have witnessed many people fall in love with this strange wonderful Himalayan plant from altitudes most of us couldn't survive at, deep in the heart of ancient Buddhist and shamanic healing country.  It is true ancient medicine.  Firmly believe this one found us.  It has helped so many.



IN STOCK 08.23.21

Downeast Genetics


Yep, we did it.. a different take on the popular indica dominant hybrid strain from Seed Junky Genetics, known for its high THC content.



IN STOCK 10.04.21

Downeast Genetics

Its not just a pretty picture, haha, true to the buddhists its one of the best anxiety strains we've come across.  A very mild and relaxing experience, some good medicine.  Change those neural pathways in a healhy direction!  We keep bringing it back by demand. 


Chocolate Thai

BACK IN STOCK 10.03.21

Independent Sourced genetics


One of the legendary Landrace strains originally sold as Thai Sticks, which was flower typically wound with hemp fiber to their stems. Familiar to Nam Vets and 60s smokers, Chocolate Thai has visited the West for more than 6 decades now, and we're pretty psyched to share it. Welcomed for its super smooth, uplifting but calming effects, its clear why this has been medicine to people for a long time.




Downeast Genetics


Great demonstration of environmental influence, grown with Milche Nepal in a Sativa room, its not your normal GSC. We inherited these prized GSC genetics from a local source and figured we'd give them a single run. Typical dense beautiful GSC structure, a whole lotta Kush with a touch of Durban way back.   Ran with Milche Nepal so may be a bit more upbeat than yer average cookie..



IN STOCK 10.04.21

Downeast Genetics


A Lemon Haze descendant, Kush dominant with a significant tropical Sativa influence.  Can be a good daytime symptom management that isn't overly energixing.  Like the GSC currently in stock, this was run with a large batch of landraces, and likely picked up on some of their aerosolized signals and energies.

Flower - Malawi Gold (7 of 8).jpg


IN STOCK 10.04.21

Gold Crown Seeds


Its pretty amazing... one of our favorite daytime strains ever. Worthy of the reputation. A classic African Landrace brought to Maine.  Don't miss it..also in prerolls at some stores.



BACK IN STOCK 10.04.21

Not much to say about this one.. the legendary Landrace Strain that even most folks born after the 70s know. Big beautiful flowers and a very special effect. A legendary medicine, likely descended from South American and Polynesian strains, not to be missed.

Flower - Atomic Cocktail 2020 (3 of 8).jpg

Atomic Cocktail 2020

IN STOCK 10.04.21

Fresh out of Cure and looking awesome, the name says it all. Its one heck of a general physical symptom reliever. Beautiful and effective.  May not last long.




Indica type Dominant genetics and a fairly heavy hitter, can give some uplifting creativity, generally relaxing results.


Nigerian Yoruba
Small amount IN STOCK 09.27.21

Gold Crown Seeds

Another awesome Gold Crown Seeds find, a classic African big Sativa, slightly energizing, very relaxing. A very special medicine from our human collective past from all the way on the big continent.


Coming soon..


Some very special brand new to us landrace seeds growing now, all the way from Pakistan... look forward to sharing them 

Flower - Peach Crescendo (1 of 8).jpg

Peach Crescendo

IN STOCK 10.04.21

This is an awesome daytime anxiety solution... we really like this one. Fresh out of a long cure, its another special one from our indica runs.

Flower - Black Widow(2 of 8).jpg

Black Widow

OUT OF STOCK 08.11.21

DM on Instagram for more info


In stores & by delivery M-F.


Pink Camo

IN STOCK 10.04.21

Another awesome daytime anxiety, PTSD symptom mild pain reliever for most that we're glad got grown. Beautiful, tasty and effective.

Flower - Stardust (4 of 8).jpg


IN STOCK 08.11.21

An old favorite, sedative sleep assistant genetics from a few years back.

Flower - Dream Catcher (5 of 8).jpg

Dream Catcher

OUT OF STOCK 08.11.21

well named, sleepy happy indica hybrid with dense flower structure.


In stores & by delivery M-F.


Coming Sometime..

Swaziland Landrace from the big plains of Africa....

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