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$9 per gram delivered

Maine MJ or MEMJ Reg. only. Out of state cards are legal with ID.

Grown in organic living soil, and unless noted otherwise indoors in HEPA and Charcoal filtered air, with multi spectrum light recipes, and without bottled or synthetic nutrients.




available for delivery this week updated 09.16.20

Centennial Seeds

Waipi-O Hapa, from the valley of the same name, Landrace Pacific genetics, about as close to Maui Wowie as you'll find stateside these days, crossed with Haze.  A favorite from some of SKMS first runs, its back. In cure now and taking pre orders.  Probaly won't last long.



GYALTSO (ocean)


out of stock currently, more growing 09.16.20

Gold Crown x SKMS Nepal

SKMS Himalayan Indica

x Blue Durban

Translates literally as 'ocean' or 'victorious lake', this common Tibetan name refers not just to a body of water, but to the ocean of wisdom that can support our journey in life and our connection, or disconnection, from all that is.

A powerful grounding, reconnecting, peacefull medicine, full of vision, as one would expect from ancient Hermetic Egypt and the Buddhist slopes of the Himalayan mountains.



limited amount in stock updated 09.16.20

Centennial Seeds

Lost seed strains from Nepal.. this one is simply wonderful.  A true highland himalayan Sativa with that calm grounding positive energy of the Nepali people.  Some bautiful flowers. We're super psyched to have snagged these seeds when they were around a few years ago, will try to run it more often.



limited amount in stock updated 09.16.20 

ILGM Seeds

a unique 20% THC 2% CBD (high level for CBD) strain.  Beautiful well bred indica flower structure. Get it while ya can, its a special one



Back in stock again, Fresh batch out of cure 09.16.20

Downeast genetics

beautiful flower structure hybrid, trichome rich.  Great day time pain relief. Popular with abdominal pains.



sold out thru pre orders , updated 09.16.20

Bungladetch, Gold Crown & SKMS Seeds

An amazing cross of Mandelbrot genetics and landrace Durban.  Serene relief for extreme anxiety or PTSD symptoms, calming, grounding, long lasting. 



fresh batch out of cure again, back in stock! updated 09.16.20

Himalayan Landrace genetics

one of our favorites, popular for those seeking relief from anxiety and medium level physical aches or pains.  grounding & beautiful



out of stock currently, indica list upadating soon, 09.16.20

Subcool Seeds genetics

Popular hybrid of Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity. Some debate on the sativa or indica dominant nature of this hybrid, but ours hits hard, good pain relief.



currently out of stock 09.16.20

Traditional Hybrid

longstanding popular hybrid of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, long lasting relief from extreme anxiety symptoms or medium to high levels of pain.



out of stock today, but may have more in cure not reserved, look for updates or text questions, updated 09.16.20

Downeast Genetics

A phenohunted and rebred version of the original (Blueberry X Black Domina) X Blue Chronic. Recently featured by Leafly as uniquely sedative and mentally stimulating, thus the name.  We like it, good for flow and smooth productivity or relaxation.



second batch of preroll stock out of cure 09.16.20, also in stores in Kittery (YGT) and South Portland (BeachBoys Cannabis)

SKMS Seeds

From the original Nepali genes that started it all.  A pheno isolated from Katmanglue seeds which lacks the stiff trichome soaked wild look of the Katmanglue flowers.  Instead has a slighlty fluffier softer structure, and a unique effect, equally subtle and potent. Like the parent genetics MotherKat is very effective for most seeking relief from migraines, panic attacks or anxiety, even severe cases of ADHD and OCD, and can effect a profound and real sense of clarity at higher doses.



limited amounts remaining, updated 09.16.20

SKMS Seeds - NEPAL never makes it to storage.

It came from a Nepal Trek near the China border in the Himalayas in the mid '90s. Unlikely you've had anything like it.  First noticed it stopped migraines with folks who said nothing, including any cannabis strain had any effect.  Since then have witnessed many people fall in love with this strange wonderful Himalayan plant from altitudes most of us couldn't surive at, deep in the heart of ancient buddhist and shamanic healing country.  It is true ancient medicine.  Firmly believe this one found us.  It has helped so many.


Cherry Wine

in stock as usual, updated 09.16.20

Greenpoint Seeds


Our favorite CBD Strain to date. Exceptional perfomance on siezures comared to many other  CBD strains we've grown.  Gotta be the sweet cherry terpenes.  Nice dense flower structure.  Also available in wholeplant gelcaps and chocolates.


MooseValley 1

in stock 09.16.20

We don't source outside our grow but we couldn't resist bringing this one to you. Beautiful trichomed purple green buds, grown outdoors in northern Maine land that's been in organic soil protection for years.

ANND it tested below fed limit for THC content.  Its a special one.



in stock, also stocked at YGT in Kittery and Beach Boys in South Portland updated 09.16.20


One of our original isolated Nepali seed gift phenotypes, crossed with Bungladetch's Great White Hype.  This is a very popular daytime strain, providing relief from symptoms of anxiety and medium level pain for many for many years. wonderful aroma and nice medium density flower structure.


Nigerian Yoruba

in stock, updated 09.16.20

Gold Crown Seeds

the name says it all.. a traditional african landrace from one of the worlds largest producing and longest standing cannabis growing countries.  An amazing smooth, often anxiety relieving positive energy from this one.  Ancient genetics, ancient medicine.


Malawi Gold

may be some prerolls in stock in South Portland and Kittery, very small amount in stock for delivery, 09.16.20

Gold Crown Seeds

The real deal from Gold Crown Seeds. Out of cure now and available in SKMS 1 gram RAW 98 cone prerolls. will not last- popular retail pre roll product. A noteably high THCv strain, especially effective at certain types of pain relief for many, and a nostalgia moment or dream come true for others.


Blue Durban

available for delivery this week updated 09.16.20

Gold Crown Seeds

The strain that is said to be in over 75% of todays genetics, from the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa, likely dating back to Hermetic and early Egyptian times, the real Durban is an amazing clean effect full of clarity of mental vision and a very unique level of pain relief for many. Like others on this list, won't find it elsewhere in its pure form.  In flower now, taking reservations for deliveries later.



available for delivery this week, updated 09.16.20

Centennial Seeds

From the Himalayan Highlands of Nepal, another true mountain sativa crossed by Centennial with Haze genetics. An energizing uplifitng clear effect for most.  We are careful to try and pull this one before it gets the Haze afterburn.  Good for clarity and motivation for most.

Buddha Cookies

Sold out more growing updated 09.16,20

SKMS Seeds

This is a unique phenotype found in seeds from a cross of our '96 Nepal Himalayan indica and Gold Crown's Durban, which generated very tight, dense, resin rich, heavy scented flowers, reminiscent of cookies strains.  We're pretty excited about it and don't expect it to last long.


Kandahar Durban

good thing we grew a lot but its still in stock, going fast, fan fav 09.16.20

SKMS Seeds x Gold Crown Seeds

 A very special marriage of Gold Crown's Blue Durban which we backcrossed and pulled original phenotypes from, and our own late 60's Afghani Kandahar Valley highland Sativa. Made some beautiful plants aand gorgeous flowers. We're pretty excited about this one and don't expect it to last long in stock.






out of stock updated 09.16.20

Another fast favorite from our downeast genetics source. Dense crystally beautiful indica structure flowers.

Fair warining: its some serious sleep medicine!



limited amount in stock updated 09.16.20

An old favorite for many, a fairly traditional brandname genetic honed Kush, beautiful trichome covered indica.



available for delivery this week updated 07.28.20

Retail goes thru a lot of these but don't forget these handpacked 1 gram RAW98 custom labeled Landrace genetics from around the world prefiltered prerolls are available by delivery as well!

Blueberry Nepal, Himalayan Indica, Malawi Gold, Nigerian Yoruba, Blue Durban.

Not from the trim room floor, we set aside product for this process, cure it separately,  and roll from premium flower only.  Fun, functional and great value. 
















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