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Zero Processed Powdered RSO
Molecularly intact
WholePlant Concentrate
made from living soil grown cannabis
without the use of any
modern extraction techniques,
chemicals, alcohols,
gasses or vacuums.
Discover the difference.
Improved Absorption,
extended performance

zero molecular disturbance
true quantum medicine

currently Available in Four Formulas

ask about veteran and chronic illness discounts
available in stores or by delivery

Wholeplant cbd

Organic Farm grown wholeplant CBD testing well below federal limits, so a comfortable first step for young or mild pediatric seizure cases, as well as further micro-dose-able or mixable/soluble in its powdered form.  Also commonly used for mild pain relief, symptoms of anxiety or ADHD., migraine prevention and sleep improvement.

If you thought CBD didn't really work.. here's the demonstration of what both the entourage effect science and quantum medicine research reveal. Its about the spaces in between, and molecular isolates can never really work consistently. Real wholeplant meds, never available before in this format, are a different story.

Total Cannabinoids per Capsule: 8.37MG

5.93MG CBDa



.22MG CBGa



.1MG CBDva



Additional Content: Terpenes

"first CBD ever that works. and I've tried a lot locally and online, every time, better than any pharma ever had, just leaves me clear and calm, and I sleep and feel rested at night, and my world doesn't melt if I don't take it, thank you guys for what you do,"         - Sasha, Portland ME

$35 per 24 Count

$85 per 60 Count

MAX THC by Weight .00025%, Fed. limit 0.3%


sleep formula

A proprietary recipe of our Zero Processed powder made from ancient landrace strains from Tibet and Nepal, noted for their grounding and powerful healing effects. The Recharge Formula capsules are reportedly especially good at maintaining a full night's rest and allowing return to sleep once woken in the middle of the night, and without the grogginess often associated with common sleep medications.  And unlike melatonin, thanks to the endocannaiboid system, they work consistently over time.


There is nothing as healing and refreshing as a great nights rest.

Total Cannabinoids per Capsule: 3.36MG


2.25MG CBD


.16MG CBDa

.612MG THC

.11MG THCa

Additional Content: Terpenes

" wow. pretty sure haven't slept that well in years, and woke just feeling wonderful, like I slept well, not like I was drugged. Imagine that and it worked the next night too, and the next and the next. What a difference. Can't thank you enough gentlemen."

 - combat veteran, Gray ME

$35 per 24 Count

$85 per 60 Count

MAX THC by Weight 0.23%, Fed. limit 0.3%

60-pack zero-processed Relief gelcaps.jpg


A safe non addictive endocannabinoid inflammation reducing and cellular-healing pain relief alternative. Made from our best pain relieving landrace strains. Unlike opiates, it keeps working.

Total Cannabinoids per Capsule: 3.14MG



.05MG Terpenes

" been using these for months, they work, I feel clear headed, they don't wreck my stomach, I can keep moving, appreciate the super low THC levels but still work, love them"  -  combat veteran, NH

$35 per 24 Count

$95 per 60 Count

MAX THC by Weight 0.21%, Fed. limit 0.3%

60-pack zero-processed DWBD gelcaps.jpg

different ways better days:
daytime anxiety

Reportedly abates symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks and assists in migraine prevention, also testing below Fed THC limits. A latest recipe in years of assisting clients to manage seizures, migraines, PTSD and severe anxiety symptoms. A truly amazing medicine for many. If THC isn't really that comfortable to you, and anxiety isn't either, this might be the safe alternative for you.

Total Cannabinoids per Capsule: 3.3MG

1.3MG CBDa


.01MG CBCa


.23MG THCa

Additional Content: Terpenes

 "best named product ever, it is so true we see 'in life how' we think, and if we change how we think and experience life it ain't that bad, and we become positive productive people, thanks for what you all do, really appreciated." -Ed, Saco ME

$35 per 24 Count

$85 per 60 Count

MAX THC by Weight .29%, Fed. limit 0.3%

Dosage & Product weights info:
please see the main SKMS Edible Meds page
from the top right menu button for dosage guidance

.40 grams each, 9.5g per 24 Count,
24g per 60 Count
Ingredients: Cannabis, Organic Coconut Oil, Plant Fiber.
Allergens: May be processed adjacent to ingredients
which were processed adjacent to allergens

Look for 2 Count Samples at locations listed under the
Find Us in Stores tab from the menu at the top of this page
or ask if we can include a sample
of one of the selections below
in your next delivery. 

Discover the next level
of whole plant medicine.

No statements on this website
have been evaluated by the
federal food & drug administration.
These products are not intended
to diagnose, treat, cure,
or prevent any disease.

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