Zero Processed Powdered RSO


Molecularly intact, WholePlant Concentrate made from living soil grown cannabis without the use of any modern extraction techniques, chemicals, alcohols, gasses or vacuums. Discover the difference.

Just ask for the Powdered RSO.

Available in Four Formulas

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Wholeplant cbd

Organic grown wholeplant CBD testing .02% THC, well below federal limits, commonly used for mild pain relief, mild seizure cases and symptoms of anxiety and ADHD., can greatly aid restful sleep.

If you thought CBD didn't really work.. this might be for you. Discover the real thing, and what Israeli research refers to as the 'CBD Bell Curve'.


sleep formula

Especially good at maintaining a full night's rest and allowing return to sleep once woken in the middle of the night.  Reportedly especially effective when combined with an SKMS Sleep Chocolate for stubborn waking aches or busy minds.  There is nothing as healing and wonderful as a great night's sleep.

different ways better days:

daytime anxiety

Reportedly abates symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks and assists in migraine prevention, also testing at or below Fed THC limits. A latest recipe in years of assisting clients to manage seizures, migraines, PTSD and severe anxiety symptoms. A truly amazing medicine for many. If THC isn't really that comfortable to you, and anxiety isn't either, this might be the safe alternative for you.



A safe non addictive endocannabinoid inflammation reducing and cellular-healing pain relief alternative. Made from our best pain relieving landrace strains. Unlike opiates, it keeps working.

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.42 grams each, 10g per 24 Count,

25g per 60 Count


Ingredients: Cannabis, Organic Coconut Oil, Plant Fiber.


Allergens: May be processed adjacent to ingredients which were processed adjacent to allergens

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