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why landrace cannabis?

Is it just the epic history of legendary strains like Malawi Gold that make them popular? For SKMS it started with functional medicine and predictable results.

S.K.M.S. was founded in Portland Maine in 2014, and shortly thereafter was referred several hundred combat veterans seeking alternative non addictive opiate cessation and pain management.

Staff learned that PTSD symptoms and pain levels could be managed with edible and inhaled cannabis medicines, but matching different cannabis strains to consistent symptom results, was frustratingly unpredictable at best, except with Landrace strains. Often times the same modern hybrid strain would produce different results even with the same person at different times. Examining the nature of modern cannabis genetics and the landrace strains they originate from, this makes sense.

Modern hybrid cannabis strains contain a wide variety of cannabinoid profiles, as a result of hybridizing very different cannabis plants, which translates to a similarly large variety of possible medicine performances. Native strains refined by environment and native farmers over centuries yield far more consistent results, they are essentially carefully inbred for more refined performance over a great length of time and many seasons.

So for SKMS medicine making, or advising which strains might suit a client's symptoms best for smoking, landrace strains became a necessity and a core of the S.K.M.S. grow operations.

The challenge for most commercial cannabis production is landrace strains are not well suited to production growing. Many grow much longer than production costs allow, others are uncooperative to being grown in controlled indoor environments.

But at S.K.M.S. we enjoy the challenge, love building unusual enviromentally controlled grow spaces, and have learned a lot of techniques over the years to keep cannabis strains of many geographic backgrounds comfortable, growing happy and feeling at home. We are told you can feel it in the product!

Some of the Landrace Native Strain sources of S.K.M.S. flower and edible medicines:




South Africa











Thanks for joining us and for all the support all these years. Long live the landrace appreciation!

Send questions any time,

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

April 6th, 2023

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