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why do so many prerolls.. well.. suck?

We thought of nicer ways to say this, but we've all had it happen. That preroll you've been waiting to get to and with the first light it 'canoes' with a burn down one side, or dumps into the air as dust when lifted, dashing our hopes and expectations of relief... its a mini heart break. So, why does that happen, and what makes for better?

Meet the bounce box, and the Cuisinart, often substituted with a coffee bean grinder. Yep, some just dump a buncha cannabis flower trim too small to be sold as flower, sometimes even untrimmed, sometimes even stems and all into a high speed blender, grind it up and dump into what's commonly referred to as a 'knock box' or 'bounce box'.

Due to the basic nature of gravity and physics, even with automated self shaking versions, what amount of cannabis ends up in each preroll hole and how it packs in there, along with the weight variation from one to another is entirely up to fate, but guaranteed to rarely be the same between two. And also guaranteed to burn pretty wonky much of the time.


"prerolls should burn like a cigar, slow and even,

not like a failed firecracker ignition, shouldn't be

rocket science but apparently it is."

Ben in New Gloucester


What results from the random shaking of randomly sized material without packing or any consistency of content deposit, is weight variation and unpredictable burn. In addition, its not uncommon for different types of cannabis flower to be mixed, to use up leftovers. The variation in oil content and even humidity levels results in part of the contents burning at one rate and temperature, and the rest at a different rate and temperature- inevitably ending up in a messy burn or a that unpopular canoe syndrome. A need to minimize labor costs per preroll often further prevents quality control beyond, filling and emptying the knock box contents. When the preroll costs $5, there's not much room for the manufacturing expense of time and effort.


"I have never had an SKMS preroll not burn perfectly. That is unique."

Portland Area Store Manager


SO what does go into a preroll that doesn't disappoint?

S.K.M.S. Preroll material is




Before each preroll is INDIVIDUALLY






Cause who has time or money for a preroll FAIL.... right?

Wanna see some epic landrace prerolls? click the link and scroll down!

Thanks for all of your amazing appreciation of the Landrace Strains and crazy quality obsession of the S.K.M.S. crew all these years!!!

Send questions any time. We have Columbian Gold and some Purple Nepali growing, along with a lot other cool old and new landraces to look forward to in flower or prerolls.

Thank from all at S.K.M.S. send questions any time!

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

April 17,2023

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