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updated flower menu February

new & old, rare & amazing strains now available for delivery by the gram

An obsession with Results

Provides Production Quality

Simply Not Found Elsewhere.

Grown From Seed

instead of clone

Under Multi vs.

Single Source Lighting

In Living Soil

instead of Coco Fiber & Synthetic Nutrient

In variable Temps. & Barometric Pressure

instead of a static environment

For 120-165 Day Cycles vs.

60-75 days.

It makes a difference.

That's why do it,

'cause we smoke them too.

Tired of us talking? Here ya go:

Updated Flower Menu:

all fresh out of cure

available for delivery M-F

$9 per Gram

no delivery fees

Call, text or email any time

to ask questions

or place an order:

Milche Nepal

Nepalese Watermelon Malawi Gold

Highland Thai

Pakistani Rose

Swaziland Sativa

Acapulco Gold

West African

Durban (S. Africa)

Himalayan Indica

Katmanglue (Tibet)

Jamaican Thai

West African Sativa

Happa (Hawaiian)

Thanks for your Landrace Cannabis appreciation!

The source of it all and the most medicinal of them all... what would we do without them?

Thanks for all the support for all these years, and many of you made some of these strains internet legends! Reach out any time with questions.

the very humbled and appreciative,

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

Co cell: (207) 671-8387

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