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the rarest preroll packaging

landrace strains collected from around the globe, grown indoors for months longer than many production grows, and fashioned into some of the finest prerolls around.

Five and Month cycles, HEPA filtered air, Living Organic Soil that hasn't been changed in years, no bottled nutrients, a whole lotta multi spectrum lighting and some of the world's most epic strains... makes for some pretty epic prerolls. If you make it to Maine, not to be missed in some of Portland's finer Medicinal Cannabis establishments.

After all, who grows Malawi Gold? Or real Durban? not many since Mel Franks. Or one of a kind rare Silk Road Collectibles from Pakistan to Tibet, the Karakorum Mountains to the Himalaya and the Gates of Nepal, the ancient Silk Road Cannabis tax gates.

There is plenty very unique about landrace strains, and many never go back to today's hybrids with the same view. They are the origin of it all, honed for centuries by natural environment and the people who grew them, to have some amazing mind enlightening and physically relieving benefits.

All hand weighed, hand packed prerolls, no bounce boxes here- we make them like we'd make for ourselves. Its true Maine craftsmanship, old world ways.

Experience the difference....we dare ya!

S.K.M.S. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 5th, 2023

91 Auburn St. S. J 1154 Portland ME 04103

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