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rare landrace top colas

the very best of landrace cannabis plant flowers, presented with the respect worthy of legends

Another SKMS product concept that was followed by the words, "why didn't we think of that before?!" Great ideas are like that, they just seem to fit perfect, like the world was just waiting for them to come along.

And for the cannabis connoisseur, and appreciator of the beauty and wonder of the cannabis plant flowers, we knew it when we saw it and thought it- clear cola tubes are just the coolest!

In the SKMS Coolers now

Blueberry Nepal from the Nepali Highlands

Ben Holmes Hawaiian Islands Waipi'o Hapa

and our new happy West African Sativa.

The magic of ancient cannabis, some neural pathway bending fire to light your way!

Best wishes out there, we're here, but we can be there! Making the rounds of Maine Monday thru Friday. Can reach us on the text, the email or thru the website with questions any time.

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

(207) 671 8387

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