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rare and direct sourced

Sourced directly from 3 continents, some very special landrace genetics.

All modern canna strains are really like mixed drinks of the original canna ingredients- ancient strains which grew in the same places with the same peoples for a long time, and acquired unique personalities.

When one walks into a dispensary today, what we find is a plethora of hybridized versions and the originals, often hybrids of hybrids of hybrids, all altered, and some say 'compromised' for modern cultivation. Performance results from one plant to another or one use to another can be as varied as their genetics.

S.K.M.S. did something special with one crop this round, to make these rare- often sold out before harvest - landrace flowers available to more with less commitment. We have awesome preroll deals....

Now ..please forget those floor sweeping leafy Prerolls which likely half burned and blew away on you which you may have been subjected to by portions of the canna industry ... these are not those.

S.K.M.S. uses just top cola flower for prerolls, as the rest is used to make the rather well known Zero Peocessed RSO capsules by the many thousands. All prerolls are hand weighed and hand packed, no 'knock boxes' here.

So... check out the deals. Half gram Prerolls for just $7, but also can get TEN of them for $50 DELIVERED, no additional cost, no tipping requested or expected.

Annnnnd there is 11 ONE gram Prerolls delivered for $100!! Can't beat it. Check out the strains.....

Mix and match....

Pakistani Rose

Pakistani 3

Buddha Cookies


Nepali I

Karachi Kush



Blueberry Nepal

Afghan Highland


SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

July 24, 2023

Co. Cell: 207.671.8387

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