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next up, himalayan from tibet '96

First round of nuggets from the epic Katmanglue strain, brought back from above 10K feet in the Himalaya 25 years ago, in cure now, with colas coming for reservation. See first pics and read why its normally sold out

A native Landrace strain collected from the Tibetan Nepal border region of the Himalaya, named Katmanglue originally in Maine, originally appreciated for its hardiness, absolute indifference to mold, powdery mildew, or pests outdoors, and then grown indoors for years under the Maine Medical Program in environmental simulated conditions.

purple shades & fading from cool nights simulating fall in the Himalaya

While the Himalayan genetics' impressively calming and mentally clearing effects were appreciated before the Maine MJ program, its real benefits were quickly revealed once it became a staple in parts of the Medical program and reached a greater variety of people. Shortly thereafter Katmanglue became consistently sold out before harvest.

Uniquely, among all the strains SKMS had collected and tried from the new seed market in its first three years of operation, including a number of leading CBD strains, a wide range of people managing seizures or migraines or both reported that smoking this strain was the first medicine they had encountered which had a powerful retroactive effect.

It is difficult to stop either seizures or migraines once started, but the Buddhist medicine did so, and extremely consistently. Not so surprising for those familiar with the amazing effectiveness of many Buddhist plant medicines, but still amazingly appreciated by many.

This beautiful Himalayan grown in living soil, with indoor controlled climate night temps dipping into the 50s, is being harvested now.

We will be sending Cola purchase/reservation pics in emails soon, and they will be listed on the website menu as well after.

If you would like to be first in line on reserving any of these, just drop us an email or text! Pay on delivery day, $9 gram, same as loose flower. Questions welcome any time!

Co. Cell: (207) 671-8387


Thank you for the Landrace appreciation!!

SKMS Staff, January 27, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

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