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never seen a flower menu like this...

Sneak peak at the New Layout and a New Selection Format coming to the SKMS Flower Menu. Not just the strains you won't find elsewhere anymore.. and you get first dibs!

First up... Sativa Finger Colas from the Fishermen Nam Vet Rum Triangle genetics of the Maine offshore Islands, a longtime favorite, Jamaican Thai.

Weights and lengths listed for 9 remaining finger colas.

JT is one of the longest running most popular SKMS original landrace strains. Bred by pirate fishermen for years and grown offshore on Maine islands, its genetics reflect the returning NAM vets of the '70s and the old Rum Triangle connection between mid coast Maine and Jamaica.

Thinking some ancient Sativa neural pathways could really improve your afternoon?

Or maybe just wanna put one of those beauties in a jar and save for a special day. We get it.

Just text, email or call. See that ID on the right side of each pic?

JT3, JT1, etc.. just let us know which one/s you would like and what day you'd like them delivered.

Text: (207) 671 8387

Stay tuned.. these are some of our absolute favorites.. but there are some monster colas coming you can reserve, from the Himalayas, Pakistan, Pacific Islands and more.

and you'll get first dibs!

Sold at the same $9 a gram we've charged since 2014.

How cool is that?! but wait there's more.. and more coming...

questions or orders? Delivering 5 days a week, let us know how we can help!

And stay tuned for more cola list emails and a brand new flower menu layouot!

Thanks for all of your support for so long! It is a privilege to grow such rare strains for you.

SKMS Staff January 25th, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

Co. Cell: (207) 671 8387 (text, or call)

Or can order at from the Order Now page!

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