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Need some positive energy?

We haven't brought these to the national online sales platform because they are so popular among Maine clients, we're not sure we could keep up. But they are available by delivery in Maine or at select stores.

Made from a special blend of some awesome ancient landrace sativa from Africa and Nepal, they are credited with a range of benefits, from daytime pain relief without sleepiness, to a depression symptom medication, to better and healthier than coffee, and even been credited numerous times with relieving Alzheimer's symptoms, and prompting greater engagement and satisfaction. Without further introduction, the S.K.M.S. yellows, Landrace Sativa Energy Formula:


"I've purchased eight to twelve of those 24 count bottles of those yellow capsules every four to six months for years. Beat up body feels better at work all day, feels much worse when I forget to take them. No PTSD vet symptoms. Haven't felt freaked out or wanted to throttle anyone in a long time. Sleep great, take 2 every day, morning & afternoon. Best health decision ever made.

Don't know what I'd do without them."

Adam in Bowdoin


How are they made?

We select flower from Landrace Cannabis strains originally brought from some very special parts of the world, collected over a few decades, selected for their long calm grounded energies and emulsify the flower into organic coconut oil, tempering with time and temperatures to achieve just the results desired, and then using a proprietary method which is zero processed, using only water, we turn this emulsified pure cannabis oil recipe into an all natural 100% plant powder, which can be measured and encapsulated in regulated dosages.


A Himalayan Buddhist Sativa, one of the Yellows Ingredients

If you could benefit from some positive uplifting energy, whether to catch up with that spring acceleration of Maine summers or a little more positive attitude could help- give us a shout! We're confident you will not be disappointed.

Click below to message us with an order any time. As always, 24 Count Bottle $35. 60 Count Bottles $85, no delivery costs. Deliveries Monday thru Friday.

Also Available at:

Beach Boys Stores, Portland, South Portland and Old Orchard Beach

Kind Guy in Biddeford right across from the hospital

Green Truck in Berwick area

Moosehead in Bethel

And Treeline in Lewiston

Green Roots in Buxton area

Never hurts to call ahead, they each get cleaned out at times.

And of course by DELIVERY! monday thru Friday. No Delivery Fees.

Thanks for all of your longtime support of the SKMS yellows. Don't know why it actually took us three years of operations to think of making them, given our love of landrace sativa strains, daytime pain relief and mental health boosts!

Send questions any time, we also have samples!!

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

(207) 671 8387

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