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Landrace Top Colas .. where else.

Another awesome idea we wonder why it took so long to find. Ok, admittedly the packaging is a ganja connoisseurs dream, but the flower is pretty uniquely amazing too.

There are some Top Colas in Stock!!

All grown in living soil, under multi spectrum lighting, in HEPA filtered air for super LOOOOOONG landrace Sativa Cycles!

We're talking 100+ days just to get to flower!

Available Top Colas $24-190

Blueberry Nepal
Happa Maui Landrace
Katmanglue (Tibet)
Karachi Kush (Pakistan)
Pakistani Rose
Nepalese Watermelon
West African Sativa
Highland Thai

Thanks for all the years of awesome Landrace appreciation!

Text, email, message on the contact us page or call with questions any time.

S.K.M.S. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

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