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Himalayan & Pakistani flower & preroll drop

fresh out of a long cure, beautiful and other worldy in effects. epic landraces grown as only SKMS does. flower and preroll combo deals up this week.

Pakistani 1

many of you know this one already, this batch is even better. super anxiety relieving. from deep in the Karakorum Mountains along the old Silk Road, cultivated by old world families since ancient times. connect those neural pathways with healhier energies from a different time and place..

Nepali 1

we actually planted this one accidentally. the seeds are over a decade old, and from one of the original Nepali seed batches. It is crystally super calming high altitude Himalayan sativa, with that powerful grounding buddhist energy that seems to mark so many of the Himalayan genetics. a very rare and special accident.

Bagmati Highlands Nepal

The Flower and a Preroll Deal!

3.5 Grams of Pakistani, 3.5 Grams of Nepali, and 2 half gram prerolls of either Afro Skunk or Upstate NY Blueberry or Smelloscope .... delivered for $70!

(needs to be within our normal southern Maine delivery area or can add to it to make it worth it)

The 10 Half Gram Prerolls for $50 Delivered!

Any combination of Durban (!), Pakistani or Nepali, no delivery charge!

The 11 One Gram Prerolls for $100 Delivered Deal!

Any combination of Durban (!), Pakistani or Nepali, no delivery charge!

You can order delivery online or by texting


Text Address, Picture of Med Card and ID, your order and any questions any time. We will confirm ASAP.

S.K.M.S Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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