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Hawaiian Top Colas

Hawaiian Island landrace top colas in Maine.. does it get any better?

In the S.K.M.S. fridge currently, a variety of Hawaiian Island landrace Top Colas.

We pulled this one from Ben Holmes at Centennial Seeds years back, in his epic collection of early 2000s landrace strains release. Sourced straight from the Islands, and originally available in a Haze cross as well, this one has accumulated a lot of fans over the years.

Known for its uplifting, pain relieving positive attitude, its become a great daytime solution for many over the years. A fair amount of SKMS Clients have put reservations in long before plants went to flower in past crops. The Maui genetics tend to have some loyal followers.

Also produced in loose trim flower and prerolls, both of which get delivered around the great state of Maine to Maine MJ landrace fans, far and wide. Prerolls also go to some Portland area stores with some real landrace aficionado customers.

All grown in living soil, under multi spectrum lighting, for 6 month seasons, in HEPA filtered air, without the use of bottled nutrients. These plants flowered longer than many production grow house plants entire life cycles.

We're super psyched to be able to bring where it all came from to begin with, to so many people who never got to appreciate the wonder of the origin of it all, Landrace Cannabis Strains. Or maybe you're an old fan, and just need a little reminding of just how amazing landrace cannabis can be. How and how long something grows, and its cannabinoid profile and history, make all the difference.

Enjoy from all at S.K.M.S.! We hope you get to share the magic with us.

S.K.M.S. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 3rd, 2023

(207) 671-8387


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