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long time fans of landrace sativas and the S.K.M.S. landrace sativa yellow RSO capsules, we know a thing or two about energy that keeps you clear and doesn't crash

Landrace Strains from equatorial and many South East Asian regions are well fit for a variety of purposes, but staying motivated is one their well known for. Very few true Sativa strains could be equated to the jittery feeling of coffee. People in these regions selected many strains for their long grounded clear energy, and they can be a great addition to getting off the couch for the overwhelmed, or to help enjoy life's engaging moments.

One of the longest running S.K.M.S. capsule formulas, originally created for and still used for daytime pain relief, the Yellows have a lot of fans. We might even bring them to the national forum one of these days!

And if old school is for you... we have some epic Sativa Flower. From Nepalese Watermelon and Milche Nepal to deep jungle highland African Landraces, the all afternoon relief is only a delivery away. Still $9 a gram delivered, with a variety of prerolls, package options and sizes available. Text, message on the website or email us any time. Questions always welcome!

Ask in stores or with a delivery for free S.K.M.S. Yellows Sativa RSO sample packs if you've never had the opportunity.

Best wishes on your health journey!

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

April 27th, 2023

91 Auburn St. S J1154 Portland ME 04103

(207) 671 8387

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