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Catch the Fast track to the Slow Cure

What's new curing at S.K.M.S. right now? Few people would like to know...

Curing Now from Recent Harvest.

Bagmati Highland Nepal

Columbian Gold

Purple Nepali

Pakistani 3

Milche Nepal

Jamaican Thai


Buddha Cookies

Durban Hill (Magnum Opus x Himalayan x Drakensberg Mtns. Durban)

Afghani Highland

Nepali 2 (original '96 Tibet genetics not run in years)

Blueberry Nepal

Cold Creek Kush

Dakini Afghan

How do You order?

Text 207.671.8387 or send us a message from the order/contact us page here, deliveries available M-F in Maine south of Augusta and north of Kittery, based out of Portland:

What Can you Order?

You can order flower listed on the existing menu, here:

Order some of the best hand packed hand weighed premium flower prerolls anywhere, and the only Landrace Prerolls we know of- just by sending us a text or a message on the contact us page.

Any flower in stock is available in Prerolls, $10 for 1 Gram, $7 for 1/2 grams,

BUY 10 get 1 FREE of either, this week only:

Thanks for all the years of amazing landrace appreciation. Nothing like the original neural pathways of an amazing landrace experience. Change the mind heal the body.....

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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