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brand new: cola tubes, first up: Himalayan15.25g 10.5"

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Brand new flower menu at SKMS featuring some awesome top colas from favorite landraces.

Colas are the plants top flowers and receive their greatest growing and resin production effort. We've got a beautiful batch up for you, grown from seed in living soil in a controlled environment indoors, starting with Katmanglue from the Himalayan Mountains on the Tibet Border and some big West African Sativa.

And yes, you can still order loose trimmed flower in any gram amount, all from our living soil grows, delivered for $9 per gram M-F as we have to hundreds of Maine MJ clients across 7 counties since 2014.

But here's the best part.. these beautiful top colas, as not available elsewhere... from amazing strains not available elsewhere.. will be available, delivered, at the same normal flower per gram price we have held since the start, $9 per gram.

So that beautiful 15 gram Top cola from a big sticky extremely aromatic gorgeous Himalayan mountain strain, an extreme rarity in itself, comes packaged and delivered for $135.

And we've got a whole bunch more coming.

Also Pictured behind the Kat Cola is a Nigerian Top Flower, labeled 'N3' if you'd like to order it by clicking the picture to link to the order form. It is 10.5 Grams and 9.5 grams and 8.5" long. And it is a rare beauty not seen often this side of some of the west African Highlands. Most are claimed but we will be releasing a few more.

Keep your eye out for a new flower menu launching soon with a full list of available colars, until then, we will drop a few of these at a time ahead, likely some of those we deem the best. A number of have been claimed already, mostly of the Jamaican Thai, an old Maine Fisherman island strain, one of the ones that made our state famous for its local greenery.

Here's a couple pics of some of the JT Colas remaining. 'JT4', 'JT5' and 'JT6'.

Jamaican Thai is one of those SKMS products that just won't go away- don't get us wrong, we love it, but it is a local oddity.

JT is a very relaxing, mildly energizing, years old hybridization by outdoor adaptation, of Thai brought back to Maine by Vietnam veterans, and Jamaican that found its way 'downeast' care of the ancient Rum Triangle shipping route that modern sailing vessels still commute, connecting Jamaica and the islands to Boat building and repair along the Maine coast.

We also, of course, have loose flower available for all of these strains, delivered Monday thru Friday. Contact info and links to order online below.

Send questions any time. You can text to request a list of what strains are available in Colas or Flower. You can order by text or use the Order Page on the strainkeepermedicinal website, link below, or by clicking one of the pics in this post.

Thanks for all the epic landrace appreciation!!

our appreciation is what keeps it going, and we agree!!

SKMS Staff January 31, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

Co. Cell: (207) 671-8387

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