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Blueberry Nepal and the Baghmati genetics

One of the rare and ever popular S.K.M.S. strains brought home to Maine from central Nepal where the Highlands meet the Himalaya.

Sure, the flavor is special, but the effects are.. well.. pure calm, happy Buddhist.

Native Cannabis in the Nepalese Hills

The roots of Baghmati Genetics came with a batch of seeds from a '90s Nepal trek, but the S.K.M.S. grow has certainly had an influence on its effects. It has proven that medicinal plants respond to mammals in their environment positively, in a symbiotic fashion, and sure seems so with these seeds.

Both the more Sativa looking Baghmati end and the Blueberry Nepal end of this genetic family provide a super calm uplifting perspective change for most, also credited with pain relief and PTSD symptom relief which isn't sleepy or nervous.

We are not fans of naming strains after aromas, as strains alter their terpenes with environmental changes and in response to changes they perceive, possibly even humans. But, that said, the BBN as its nicknamed, does generally have a remarkably Blueberry like fla\vor.

Want to try some Nepalese magic, from the ancient Silk Road and Gates of Nepal, where traders paid their way with seeds from far away lands? Give us a shout! Prerolls and flower available all kinds of easy ways. In the Silk Road Tin available at Portland area stores, in Prerolls and flower under MJ Card delivery.

Send questions any time, and thanks for the Landrace Cannabis appreciation! Its where it all came from!

S.K.M.S. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 7th, 2023

(207) 671 8387

91 Auburn St. S J1154 Portland ME 04103

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