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Acapulco Gold is back

discover why our grandparents generation still raves about it.

One of the epic made-famous-by-American-Tourists ancient Landrace Strains is back in stock at SKMS for delivery, $9 a gram, or $10 one gram prerolls. Delivery between Bethel and Kittery M-F.

An amazing daytime relief for any of the usual huge range of symptoms cannabinoids can address, from attitude and emotional balance to pain relief, with a gentle uplifting energy and awesome flowery flavor.

Order for delivery in Maine M-F, by texting 207.671.8387 or hitting us up at the Contact Us Page Link below, or emailing us at just $9 a gram no delivery fees!

Also in Stock:


Grape Crux

Nepali 1


Upstate NY Blueberry

Afro Skunk



SKMS Staff

Portland Maine

February 22, 2024


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