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5 Nepalese Watermelon top colas

a very special Sativa from the Nepalese Highlands, foot of the mighty Himalaya, north of the Indian plains at the Gates of Nepal along the ancient Silk Road.

Acquired from Centennial Seeds in 2015 Nepalese Watermelon is another longstanding favorite, with a super long growing cycle, huge size, and lots of long skinny flowers. It's more of a hot climate Sativa, characteristic of the Indian plains more than the Himalayan nearby. Most find an uplifting a clarity not surprising to its Buddhist roots.

Given the near half a year it requires to flower fully, we don't grow a lot of it or grow it often, but is has plenty of fans. It is admittedly, not designer bud as they call some, but for those familiar with true ancient landrace long cycle Sativas, like the famous African and Thai varieties, many say, 'the weirder looking the better".

We have five new Nepalese Watermelon top colas fresh out of cure listed below, all hand trimmed, slow dried and cured, and then sealed inside matching custom length cut 1" clear tubes.

You can order any of these Nepalese Watermelon colas, or any other top colas or flower listed as available on the website for delivery M-F in Maine between Kittery and Bethel, the NH border and the coast.

Some areas further out may require minimum orders, but no delivery fees and no tips requested or expected, and we do get all around, for many years now, every single week. Just send us the code of which of these Colas you'd like (like "NWH14" as shown above), a pic of your card & ID, the address and day for delivery. Pics of these below too!

Send questions any time! (207) 671-8387 and

NWH 12 Nepalese Watermelon 2.4g 5.4" $21

NWH 13 Nepalese Watermelon 2.7g 5.75" $24

NWH 14 Nepalese Watermelon 2.9g 5.5" $26

NWH 15 Nepalese Watermelon 1.73g 4.75" $15

NWH 16 Nepalese Watermelon 1.48g 5" $13

Thanks for all of your landrace support and appreciation all of these years! The SKMS crew is very appreciative that these strains have helped so many for so long, so glad they're so appreciated!

Years ago, one of the crew lit what some would call a 'fattie' of SKMS ganja on a warm Friday evening, out on the now closed and infamous Brian Boru Irish bar deck in downtown Portland. The 'fattie' as it were, made the round of 6 people a number of times, before being turned down only half burnt. It was then given to a member of the circle, who in turn took a few hits off of it much later that night to help unwind from a very long day and then gave it to a buddy he ran into, about to depart on his bike with a group headed to Daytona.

Halfway to Daytona the biker crew spotted another group of bikers on the side of the highway around a woman who was clearly having seizures. They pulled over, lit the joint, blew it in her face for a minute, and stopped the seizures. We're told that joint made it all the way to FLA and helped someone, very wound from a long strange journey, finally get some real sleep.....

It was a big joint, but its a small world. We all do what we can. Thanks for joining us.

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

February 24th, 2023

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