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Early in the so called 'Medical Marijuana' movement,

to gain acceptance,

Colorado Lobbyists convinced lawmakers that regulating cannabis dosage would be no different than pharmaceuticals,

merely a matter of assessing milligram content of active cannabinoids.

Fortunately or unfortunately,

nothing could be further from the truth. 


This misleading directive has perpetuated since, and a brief survey of cannabis social media platforms or retail staff will find no lack of consumer confusion

on the subject. 



SKMS has served as CE credit educator for mainstream and alternative healthcare doctors and healthcare professionals for years, and served many hundreds of clients seeking real and predictable solutions with consistent results, week in and week out for even more years.


We've taken calls from the FDA and numerous industry experts on the subject.


At the end of the day, we all need information that is useful and true, and we've stuck to our commitment to only provide real and consistently applicable guidance about cannabis dosage.


This has been a commitment that has served SKMS' longevity and clients' needs, and we stick by it.


Thanks to our many years and very extensive client histories, we are keenly aware of the real parameters of Cannabis dosage management, and provide here real information you can use to navigate your own health pursuits. 

Some Truths

to Consider about

Cannabis Dosage:


  • as the 'Entourage Effect' studies show, the effect or potency of 'the whole' (all present cannabinoids) is greater than the sum of the same parts.
    This is generally only true in genuine unaltered 'whole plant medicine' and is due to synergistic effects between cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • the effects or potency of single secondary or tertiary interactions between cannabinoids or between cannabinoids and terpenes, of many hundred potential interactions, may dwarf the performance of individual cannabinoids

  • these synergistic secondary and tertiary performances generally do not occur once cannabinoids are fractured from their original bond, even if recombined.

  • isolated cannabinoids have a propensity for the body's chemical sensitivity identification, which may result in reduced or inconsistent absorption, or 'cannabis hypermesis' in extreme cases of prolonged daily ingestion, sometimes coupled with daily inhalation of isolated molecules.

  • recently a new cannabinoid was discovered, estimated more than 30 times more potent than THC, which has no available or proven testing.

  • absorption, influenced both by medicinal format and a person's digestive health, often plays a larger role with experienced potency with some medicinal formats and some people than actual potency or cannabinoid content.

  • due to these facts and more,
    it is not uncommon for two products of the same tested THC or other cannabinoid milligram content, to be experienced by the user as completely different.

  • cannabinoid content does not reflect performance. For example, to our knowledge, no cannabinoid molecular isolate has cured or reduced cancerous cells or stopped seizures consistently, and is incapable of reducing inflammation in comparison to unfractured whole plant formats, greatly limiting any mental health performance benefits (inflammation reduction), applications to parasitic infection symptoms, or long term benefits for muscular or skeletal pain, while it may test at the same mg content as an alternate whole plant format.

  • many ​of these facts were first discovered by the Israeli military in a hugely funded pursuit of pediatric seizure medicines.  Famously, the Israelis discovered the 'entourage effect' and its influence on cannabinoids' performances, that it was essentially impossible to isolate a consistently performing cannabinoid molecule, that whole plant bonds were both intrinsic to performance, and outperformed any single cannabinoid present.

Given these facts, SKMS has worked with many clients for many years to tailor all product dosages to a comfortable single dosage, appropriate for 6-10 hours generally, for the majority of clients.  We often recommend for some managing more persistent symptoms that they may increase frequency of dosage over quantity.

The scientific world has only chipped the iceberg on plant medicine or cannabis, cannabinoid testing is fairly rudimentary according to experts we've worked with, and we've found, can often be inconsistent or subject to sample size and method. 


As such, SKMS has long been entirely results-oriented for our clients and store customers, for the purposes of insuring our longevity of service to you. Medicine is only helpful if its performance is predictable.

We are committed to only speaking the truth, even when it might seem a bit confusing at first, truth is better, and far more useful.

We've made it simple.

Take One,

wait up to two hours for absorption,

assess symptoms, increase frequency of dosage as needed.

If you'd like to build confidence with small doses, its easy. All SKMS Gelcaps are now made in a powderized medium and may easily be opened and emptied for partial doses, even added to smoothies or other drinks.

Aside from typical cancer protocols, more than 4 of any SKMS med format in 24 hours typically indicates a potential for improved absorption.

Feel free to contact us for tips on improving digestive health.


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