Cannabis  has been the biggest financial boom since the gold rush for parts of America, and unfortunately, where there's opportunity, there tends to be lots of misinformation. 


It can be hard to wade through the marketing info in the cannabis industry, especially for an unfamiliar consumer. 


So, here are answers to some of the most frequent questions received in thousands of SKMS client meetings.

SKMS has been the go to resource for over a thousand alternative health clients, as well as healthcare professionals from local ERs to private practices for years. In recent years we've repeatedly been invited as the expert presenter and the Q&A Host for numerous healthcare Contuining Education Credits courses across Maine, New England and the U.S.

There's a lot of good science about how cannabis can heal or relieve symptoms, how it does and doesn't work, which people ignore in the interest of marketing a buck. 


There are also very few folks in this industry who have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients week in and out for years, receiving their constant feedback and learning the difference between 'what works on paper, and what works in the real world'. 


There is a lot to it. But that's why we're here, and we keep it simple. Its all about progress in health and a happier, more fullfilling life.

So, here are answers to some common questions:

What is dosage? 

Great question.  And kind of a big answer. 

Not as simple as some would advertise, but don't worry,

we've already figured this out for our clients years ago and our products have simple dosage gudelines.

So, here's the thing.. the legalization movement basically just told a big lie to legislatures that plant medicine dosing was like pharmaceuticals, in an effort to ease acceptance. 


Unfortunately, plant medicine does not work like this, and in fact, pharma meds don't even actually work on a 'dosage is proportionate to results' formula or a dosage is proportionate to weight formula.  Both of these assumptions are over 100 years old and have been disproven almost as long..  

Let's review a few helpful indisputable facts about cannabis dosage, mostly relative to ingested medicine:

As the objective is to achieve the desired dosage, its helpful to understand that THC or CBD milligram content actually plays a minor role in the experienced dosage result, and that both molecular structure of the active ingredient itself (what kind of cannabis medicine is in the product) and the body's level of absorption (which is affected by gut health, other ingredients in the gut at the time of digestion and the cannabis medicine's format) play a MUCH larger role in experienced results than milligram content of any cannabinoid.

Additionally, there is the "entourage effect". This is hard science which literally states that in cannabis medicine, the collective combination of the parts, is somehow actually greater than the sum of their individual contributions. This is because there are secondary and tertiary interactions and healing results from their presence together. 

One should note, that per Israeli seizure research, and our years of experience with so many clients, it is apparent that these secondary and tertiary benefits are really only noticeably provided in whole plant medicine formats such as cannabutter, rick simpson oil, etc.  It is theorized that this is possibly dependant on cannabinoid molecules assembling together or in chains, and kept in tact by concentration as opposed to distillation, being in original form as opposed to a free floating molecular soup of extract or distillate terpene combination.

As such, 10mg of THC from two different products will rarely yield similar results, and often very different results.

So, thinking of cannabis dosing in terms of mg content can be confusing and misleading for a consumer, especially if they compare products.

What actually makes for a consistent dose experience also requires a lot of work in the medicine's preparation, from planting all the way through to how it is reduced, cooked, mixed, packaged and stored for sale.


While the industry tumbles headlong towards more confused consumers with mandated dosage requirements, we fortunately ran into this challenge long ago and resolved it for our own clients. It just needs a simple solution we all can work with.

As we said above, what really matters to you, the consumer, the person managing pain, cancer, mental health challenges, trying to get to sleep...is getting the healing you need, reliably, and consistently.

So, what's the answer to the dosage quandary?  


First, we make extremely consistent meds. 

SKMS meds are consistent because of their format:

real whole plant medicine that our bodies instinctually accept.

They are consistent because of the ingredients used:

coupled with normal and organic ingredients that improve absorption like organic plant oils.

They are consistent because our methods are highly regulated:

Processes make medicine consistent in a product's final cannabinoid profile. One cannot lab test medicine to reverse adjust canna profiles. Those making the final medicine product can only adjust canna content, while the canna profile will likely have a bigger affect. Think of it like adding color to something- not just how much, but what color? Cannabis has a multitude of possible effects, which can play a bigger role in experience than actual amount consumed. Processes make consistent medicine.  At SKMS we focus intensely on these processes, from seed storage to gelcaps.

LAST  but not least important, is with many hundreds of thousands of gelcap dosages taken by SKMS clients, we've figured out what a good single dosage is for each of our formulas.


All SKMS gelcap formulas work as a single dose. 

Take 1. 

That simple.

Yep. See, with the help of many clients and years,

we did the hard work,

isn't that great?

Just take 1.

For severe pain management, PTSD, or other tough symptoms it is normal to take 1-3 in a 24 hour period.

single dosage is usually effective for 6-8 hours

Sleep chocolates?

Same dosage.

Have 1.

Daytime 3X or 10mg Chocolates?

your choice, 3X is usually preferred for more severe anxiety or pain management.

Have 1.








How do I figure out the right medicine products for me?

This one's easy.

If the product that fits doesn't jump out at you from our two menu pages, reach out for support from our contact page. You may email, text, message on the website or we have call in hours two days a week.


Chronic Illness, cancer, severe pain management, mental health or addiction and other tough health challenges we encourage you to send a note or give a ring. There is additional dosage guidance we provide relative to many health pursuits which you may find especially helpful. 

What is a landrace strain?

Cannabis has been grown and bred by native peoples for thousands of years to make hundreds of types of medicine as well as industrial type supplies.  


Prior to colonization by the British and then widespread cannabis seed hunting in the 1960s and 70s there were perhaps a few dozen native medicinal strains around the world.  These were the original 'landrace' strains. 


Landrace genetics are generally found to have more specific personalities than today's hybrids, more unique cannabis profiles, growing structures and specific medicinal uses.  They also tend to reflect the culture of the people who tended them for so many generations and the kind of energy they impart.

Originating in places like the Himalayan mountains and the AFrican plains, these plants can be ill suited for indoor or even mass production growing, which encouraged their hybridization in the west.


The thousands of strains on the market today all descend from a myriad of hybridizations of these original landrace strains.  Some cannabis connoisseurs find the effect of these hybrids of hybrids a bit confused, though they do look pretty and offer the recreational consumer an endless variety.