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Cancer, Chronic Illness
& Medicinal Cannabis


Cannabis has a long history of safe and effective use, and a well established scientific medical efficacy for a wide variety of chronic illnesses and many forms of cancer.


It is legally prohibited, per the FDA and other federal regulations, from being prescribed as a cancer medication, although hospitals receiving federal funding do supply medicinal marijuana cards as cannabis also provides relief for serious, even life threatening, chemotherapy side effects.


A search of medical research articles containing the words "cancer: the endocannabinoid deficiency" reveals that even the conservative bastions of modern medicine have come to view cancer, the endocannabinoid system and alternative- or maybe more 'traditional' modes of healing, from new perspectives.

At SKMS we have worked with hundreds of cancer patients since 2014.  Many have come to us after modern medicine not only failed to heal them, but incurred numerous life threatening side effects.  Many have been healthcare workers.


SKMS gelcaps have contributed to many remissions, even some astonishing ones. We have also contributed to greatly improved quality of life, pain relief and appetite stimulation, for many end stage clients, often to the amazement of family and healthcare workers.

The recommended protocol is simple, based on known science, and a whole lot of patient histories:

Blue gelcaps by day

Purple Gelcaps by night


Start with one each, and as Rick Simpson counseled, steadily increase frequency of ingestion- take them more and more often over the days, increasing the total amount consumed in 24 hours as slow or fast as one is comfortable with, typically until one is sleeping approximately 16 hours out of every 24. 


A total of 6-8 Blue Gelcaps starting in the AM, and 2-4 Purple Gelcaps after dinner time, sustained until healthcare says 'cured' or one feels better is a standard protocol. This is commonly taken to manage the side effects of chemotherapy.


It is important to accept the medicine and its healing effects, and that the endocannabinoid system will have a profound effect on sobriety and awareness: frequent dosages of RSO will typically make a person extremely sleepy, like a small child woken from a nap, slightly disoriented, certainly not fit for stairs or driving. It is important to be safe, to avoid falls, even to handicap-proof a living space as one would for very elderly.

It is commonly recommended to keep a tapered, reduced maintenance dosage routine for several months following a significant improvement in health, to maintain other life and nutritional practices, and to continue healthcare diagnostic work and doctor oversight of health markers.


SKMS BLUEs and PURPLEs Gelcaps are available by delivery in Maine Monday-Friday and stocked in stores listed under 'Find us in Stores' from the menu at the top of the page.

You are welcome to send cancer or other chronic illness inquiries to or

text to (207) 671-8387 7 days a week,

or may call the same number Mondays or Weds. between 9am and noon to reach us directly.

We will leave you with two thoughts. We used to work with a pretty notable VA doc who used to make fun of healthcare, pretending to be completely confused.. saying "geeeez humans are thousands of years old at least and healthcare is only 50 years old.... how DID WE EVER SURVIVE?!"

He would laugh afterwards and explain how the deer in the Chernobyl radiation zone are still living because all mammals have this thing call an endocannabinoid system and it works a whole lot better than healthcare if we can get it up and running..

The second is this: in the last few years cancer treatment recommended protocols were altered, partly because the American Autopsy group was finally able to get the American Cancer Society to hear them that they had been seeing proof for decades that the average person had cancer and survived it without even knowing, many times in their life. 


So... maybe we should give real healing a chance and stop poisoning bodies first with chemo and radiation....? Just a thought.


Be well. We are here.


SKMS Staff

Portland Maine 

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