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All about results.  

Each of us who contributes to SKMS

has a deep healing connection with the cannabis plant,

as cannabis has either saved or changed our lives

in ways we are ever thankful for.


This fad called cannabis will pass.  


But we humans will always need to grow or heal,

and our natural world, which is part of us, and we part of it,

is here to provide.

The human race does not depend on government healthcare

to survive healthily. 

Nature heals.

Find the balance it provides,

and the path back

to healthy and happy living.

Canna Science Support

Alternative Health & Dietary Coaching resources

Addiction & Chronic Illness Counseling resources

State Certified Kitchen

All organic ingredient, living-soil, HEPA filtered Grows

No bottled nutrients

No Pesticides

No Chemicals

No Extracts, Distillates, BHO or other molecular isolates

used in any SKMS medicines


Real Plant Medicine.  

Real info. 

Real People.

"Have shopped medicinal cannabis for many years for serious chronic health conditions, including most states of the union and many countries, hundreds of dispensaries and even black market sources here and abroad- the SKMS crew has consistently provided far superior quality, an amazing variety of strains and med formats, an attention to detail and level of knowledge and professionalism I have not experienced elsewhere- truly awesome, hats off!" 

- Portland ME

"My father was shut off all treatments and sent home in a wheel chair to die.  He WALKED back into the Oncology Dept. thanks to you guys a couple months later to tell them what he thought of that.  Could not thank you enough." 

- Lewiston ME

"I hurt my foot in a climbing accident, went to the doctor, she gave me heat, cold, anti-inflammatories, aspirin, cortisone didn't work. Several months later [while researching pharmaceuticals in the Amazon] a Shaman cured my foot for seven months with a palm leaf. I went back to him, and its been cured for three years. Who would you rather be treated by?  Make no mistake, western medicine is the most successful system of medicine ever devised- but there's plenty of holes in it.."   

 - Harvard Ethnobotany professor Mark Plotkin from "What the People of the Amazon Know that You Don't"

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